What is it?

Are when the joints of the body are very flexible or move more than is considered normal for a joint.  Hypermobility syndrome can be isolated or associated with other connective tissue diseases.
Hypermobility can present as double-jointed or loose joints, it can cause pain after activity or at night.

What causes it?

It is believed to run in families however the actual cause is unknown.

What are the symptoms?

Some children have no symptoms, others can get mild swelling around joints and muscle pain towards the end of the day. Pain is common in the knees and thighs. It is very common to get regular ankle sprains or injury, your likely to have flat feet and they can get very tired.  Symptoms can improve with resting and as the child gets older.

How is it treated?

Education is provided regarding a good standing and sitting posture. Exercise prescription to strengthen the muscles can be useful and prevent injuries and overuse. Wearing footwear with good stability and arch support. Orthotic therapy can be helpful to stabilize and support the flexible flat foot.