Fibromyalgia is a generalized pain condition affecting the whole body. It is common to have tender points at several sites of the body, and these can change day to day. People with fibromyalgia have chronic fatigue and can have sleeping difficulties. Diagnosis is made from clinical symptoms.

The feet

People with fibromyalgia may have pain on the soles of their feet, particularly the arch. People with fibromyalgia have a higher sensitivity to pain, with a lower pain tolerance. This can increase painful symptoms that are present. Increased pain in the feet can cause compensatory pain elsewhere for example in the knees, hip and back.


Physical activity is recommended for the general maintenance of this condition. Easing into activity is important to start with. Your podiatrist will assist in choosing the right shoes, as this can greatly improve your comfort and support. For painful feet the use of custom orthotics can improve function in the short term. At Bounce Podiatry we utilise low level laser therapy and myofascial release to help settle the nervous system. Please speak with our podiatrists for its application.