Muscle Cramp

What is it?

A muscle cramp is an uncontrollable and painful spasm of a muscle. 1 in 3 adults will experience muscle cramps with some forced to restrict their normal activities. A muscle cramp feels like a significant tightness in the muscle belly of the effected muscle.

What causes it?

The exact cause is unknown although there are several risk factors including: 

-Poor physical condition- overexertion of the effected muscle due to poor strength and biomechanics.

-Dehydration- Decreased electrolytes in the body to help revitalise the muscles.

-Muscular fatigue- excessive use, or inappropriate biomechanics.

-Restricted blood flow- Common in those who are at risk of clots/deep vein thrombosis such as those who have recently undergone surgery or in later stage diabetes or are have a larger BMI.

-Nerve condition- Pressure from nerves in the spine or hip, or a neurological condition may cause activation of the muscle inappropriately.

- Hormone or chemical imbalances- Such as during pregnancy/menstruation or in those with thyroid concerns. It could also be due to your current prescribed medications.

How is it treated?

- Targeted strengthening and/or stretching programs to enable efficient biomechanical loading throughout gait can be undertaken by Bounce Podiatry.

- Laser therapy to allow further stretching of tight musculature can be undertaken by Bounce Podiatry. This will help to increase the efficiency of the muscle.

- Dry needling can be utilised to help free pressure points, or knots, in the muscle.

- Footwear specific to your foot type and footwear education. 

- Graduated return to activity exercise program designed by your Bounce Podiatry podiatrist.

Other treatment options?

- Assessment for electrolyte imbalances by your GP for may indicate that you require mineral or vitamin supplements or a prescription medication. 

- Increase your water intake

- Warm up and cool down when undertaking exercise.

- Review of your current medications by your GP or pharmacist.