Gluteal Muscle Strain

Muscle Strains are a term given to a torn muscle or what you may know as a ‘pulled muscle’.

The cause of this pain can be from a number of different concerns that may result in muscle cramps or spasms, muscle tightness and muscle soreness. 

Factors that contribute to pain

Muscle strains usually occur suddenly and are caused from a high intensity exercise or activity such as lifting, pushing, running or jumping. This could be due to a number of different things such as decreased muscular strength or flexibility, inadequate warmup, inappropriate loading, technique or biomechanics and footwear. 

How is it treated?

Initially to address the pain, resting from the aggravating activity is recommended. Icing and a short course of an anti-inflammatories can be useful. If you can’t tablets, Voltaren Osteo 12 Hourly gel is great. Taping the muscle may also help to relieve the tension and to add support. A comprehensive biomechanical assessment will allow for the underlying biomechanical abnormalities to be identified. This can be undertaken at Bounce Podiatry where our podiatrists may recommend a management program incorporating muscle strengthening, low level laser therapy, orthotic therapy and footwear changes.