Shin Splints


This condition is medically referred to as medial tibial stress syndrome. 

The symptoms of shin splints are a diffuse pain along the inside of the shin bone (tibia). The pain usually improves with warming up. If the pain is just on one spot, it may be a stress fracture.

What causes it?

Several risk factors can contribute to the increased stress on the tibia. These include flat feet, training errors ( ie too much too quickly), shoe design, surface type, and muscle imbalance, fatigue and decreased flexibility.

Treatment options

Treatment is tailored, however initial management can begin with rest, ice and pain medications.  Changing your exercise to cross training activities such as swimming and cycling can help maintain fitness. Treating any risk factors listed above with physical therapies such as low level laser lherapy, dry needling and joint mobilisation can reduce tissue stress. Any biomechanical issue can be addressed with orthotic therapy and footwear modification.