Foot pain is often the first symptom you experience.  This can be broken down into acute and chronic pain, we would love to share with you how we can help you resolve your foot pain.

In acute cases

Your pain can be due to a recent injury or a change of routine. If you have injured yourself, such as an ankle sprain, stubbed toe or other trauma. This is something you usually remember and it is best to be seen straight away. When you have suffered trauma to the foot, the pain can be immediate. It can be followed with swelling and the inability to fully weight bear.  

A change of routine can involve a recent increase in activities such as walking, running or standing.  Pain is often described as a gradual onset, getting worse with more standing or walking. A typical case of this is heel pain.

What does the podiatrist do?

In this circumstance this needs to be assessed by a Podiatrist to fully understand what foot structures have been injured and to determine the best course of treatment. We have multiple treatment options that can be immediately put in place such as strapping, low level laser therapy, exercise prescription and in severe cases a moon boot. 

You should see a podiatrist if after the first few week of this new routine the pain is not resolving. It may require a biomechanical assessment to diagnose a potential injury or assess your mechanics, such as walking style, footwear and muscle strength.  At Bounce Podiatry we have recently implemented running assessments, suitable for the runner looking to get back into running,  manage an injury, run longer or reduce their risk of injury. 

Chronic Pain

Pain that you have had for greater than 3 months is determined as chronic and is often complex in nature.  This may have been managed by other health professionals with some or little improvement. A podiatrist is considered the expert in conditions affecting the foot and ankle.  An assessment by a podiatrist can offer greater insight on the diagnosis and management.  We often pick up on small things, that can make a huge difference to your foot pain. 

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