Joint manipulation and mobilising of painful foot

What is it?

Foot mobilisation technique (FMT) is a manual therapy that mobilises the joints of the foot/ankle to help restore normal joint range of motion and function. During FMT, the joints of the foot/ankle are gently taken through their normal range of motions to aid the body in creating physiological changes to postural alignment.

FMT is utilized in combination with other techniques to treat a wide range of complaints including foot/leg pain, muscle cramps, digital contractures and ankle instability. Joint manipulation is similar to mobilization however it utilizes a quick thrusting manoeuvre. This rapidly moves the joint beyond its normal operating range of motion but below its anatomical maximum range of motion. It is typically accompanied by a ‘crack’ or ‘pop’.
Joint manipulation can help restore normal joint function by releasing pinched joint capsules and breaking down adhesions around the joint. 

All Podiatrists employing these techniques have undergone additional training to ensure it is applied safely and correctly.