Toenail appearance after ingrown toenail minor surgery

Bounce Podiatry provides surgical options for ingrown toenails and plantar warts.

Ingrown Toenails

Surgery is recommended for ingrown toenails that have failed conservative treatment, or are frequently recurring. A partial nail avulsion with phenolisation removes the offending nail spicule that is pressing into the skin.  Prior to the procedure informed consent is gained and any risks are outlined. A local anaesthetic is injected into the toe and the piece of nail is removed. To ensure the nail does not grow back a chemical called Phenol is applied to kill any remaining nail cells. You may get some discomfort the first few days but otherwise should be able to function normally.

Plantar Warts- Multiple Puncture Technique

We use the multiple puncture technique for treating plantar warts/verrucae. This technique is useful for warts that are resilient to other conservative treatment options.  Prior to the procedure informed consent is gained and any risks are outlined.  A local anaesthetic is applied to the area around the wart. A hypodermic needle is then used to puncture the wart multiple times. This technique stimulates a local immune response.  A black scab forms over the wart and after 4-6 weeks falls off. After approximately 12 weeks the wart should disappear. The theory behind this technique is to stimulate the body’s own immunity to fight the wart virus.