Custom orthotics used to treat foot pain

Do you think you may need orthotics? Let us explain what they are and how its done.

What is it?

Prescription orthotic therapy is a managed podiatric treatment regime that includes custom made and pre-made orthotics for footwear. An orthotic is designed to correct any biomechanical anomalies and distribute weight away from the painful area. It can be used to treat many podiatric conditions ranging from the acute to chronic injuries/pain.

How is it done?

To assess your need for orthotics a full biomechanical assessment is performed. This includes functional testing which looks at your muscle strength, range of motion and gait (running or walking assessment). These tests start from your head to your feet.  Orthotics is considered part of a treatment plan, so it is important to identify areas that may be treated with other modalities.

Pre-made orthotics is a cost effective and entry-level option for acute conditions. They can be further modified to suit the biomechanical presentation of the patient.

Custom made orthotics require a 3D scan of the foot in a non-weight bearing position. This scan is then sent to a lab for the manufacture of the orthotics. There is a wide range of prescription variables available that can accommodate different styles, materials and padding to ensure the best orthotic design.

Orthotics can give provide considerable relief to many painful foot conditions, if you think this maybe something you require make an appointment with one of our podiatrists.  

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